SOFIZ II, second Serbian Online Philatelic Exhibition with International participation will be held from 8th to 17th December 2021 displayed on  



The exhibition is being organized by the Union of Philatelists of Serbia. The exhibition is technically realized by the Оrganizing committee,  appointed by the SFS Board of Directors.


This is a national exhibition with international participation. There is no participation fee in all classes.


All SFS members have the right to participate in the exhibition as well as members of other national philatelic organizations from abroad (FIP/FEPA Members). 


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, the Commissioner of the exhibition collects applications for participation in the exhibition. It assigns accepted applications to the following exhibition classes:


(invited exhibitors, jury members, etc.)


B.1. Traditional Philately

B.2. Postal History

B.3. Postal Stationary

B.4. Aerophilately

B.5. Revenue

B.6. Postcards

B.7. Literature

B.8. One-frame, Two-frames and Three-frames (Classes B.1. – B.6.)


Exhibit Entry Format:

Page Size: 

1) 210 X 297 mm (A4)     and/or 240 X 297 mm (А4+)

2) 420 x 297 mm (A3)

All exhibit scans have to be in JPEG and in 300 dpi format only. 

Please do not send 600 dpi or 1200 dpi scans.

The title of the exibit corresponds to the numbering of the exhibit list, as follows:

80-page exhibit 210 X 297 mm (A4 or А4+): pages 1-80

128-page exhibit 210 X 297 mm (A4 or А4+): pages 1-128

40-page exhibit 420 x 297 mm (A3): pages 1-40

64-page exhibit 420 x 297 mm (A3): pages 1-64

One-frame exhibit 210 X 297 mm (A4 or А4+): pages 1-16

One-frame exhibit 420 x 297 mm (A3): pages 1-8

Two-frames exhibit 210 X 297 mm (A4 or А4+): pages 1-32

Two-frames exhibit 420 x 297 mm (A3): pages 1-16

Three-frames exhibit 210 X 297 mm (A4 or А4+): numbering 1-48

Three-frame exhibit 420 x 297 mm (A3): numbering 1-24

Exhibits in the form of 12 sheets per frame must have the stated numbering form.


The exhibitor is obliged to submit the exhibit in the required jpg format and in the required 300 dpi quality.

No editing/alteration/modification of scanned item/s in whatsoever manner will be allowed or accepted. 

The jury reserves the right to review the submitted exhibition and decide to  reject to evaluate exibit, if the exhibition does not comply with the rules.

In case of any dispute, the decision of the jury and the Organizing Committee will be final.


Every participant can fill up unlimited application forms.

Exhibit will be accepted if it treats themes related to the West Balkan philately (former Yugoslavia) only.

Exhibits must be in one of the languages of the former Yugoslav republics or one of the official FIP languages.

Exhibits already presented at SOFIZ I will not be accepted unless they have been improved significantly and according to guidelines of the jury.


The online format of the exhibition is available via the Internet and in that sense the organizer is not responsible for copying, duplicating or further use of the scanned pages of the exhibition or any part of it.


By submitting the application form, exhibitors accept all the provisions of this IREX. An exhibitor who does not send the accepted exhibit, or rejects the jury’s decisions, will not be aloud to participate in the Union of philatelists of Serbia exhibitions during the next 3 years.


Exhibits evaluation will be in accordance to FIP rules SREV and GREV, according to the following table:

  • Diploma  for large gold medal 95 to 100 points
  • Diploma  for gold medal 90 to 94 points
  • Diploma  for large vermeil medal 85 to 89 points
  • Diploma  for vermeil medal 80 to 84 points
  • Diploma for large silver medal 75 to 79 points
  • Diploma for silver medal 70 to 74 points
  • Diploma for silver bronze medal 65 to 69 points
  • Diploma for bronze medal 60 to 64 points
  • Diploma as certificate of participation for less of 59 points

Exhibitors in class B.8 will be awarded with a diploma with the number of points according to FIP rules, with no medal indication.

All diplomas (including The SOFIZ Grand Prix) are awarded to participants in the form of an electronic certificate.

The jury awards The SOFIZ Grand Prix among winners of a large gold medal.

Jury decisions and point evaluations are final and will be public.


Time schedule:

Registration of exhibits by 1st November, 2021

Sending scanned exhibit by 30th November, 2021

Exhibition 8th December, 2021 – 17th December, 2021

The results will be published on the website on December 17th, 2021. and the Organizing Committee of the exhibition will inform each candidate by e.mail.


The Union of Philatelists of Serbia will save all participating exhibits in the archives on the website, if the exhibitor agrees with that.


All additional information can be obtained by direct contact via email: sfs.sofiz (at) gmail.com

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